Why Pre-Order Your Collectibles?

We’ve been getting a lot of questions lately and one of the most frequent is “Why Pre-Order if my local collectible store will have it anyway?” which got me thinking about the industry and why indeed we need to pre-order if we really want the item.

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Pre Order simply means that the item you are ordering is not yet released. Retailers like us gather the quantity ordered, then we submit this to the official distributors. Our official distributors would then submit this value to the manufacturer so that they would know just how many to produce. Ok I can hear some of you asking “What?! why would I order something that’s not even released yet?!”. I’ve listed some reasons as to why we need to pre order our collectible if we really want them.

Most if not everybody, manufacturers, distributors, retailers got burned last year with stocking up items with small pre-order quantity. Distributors and retailers bought more. Manufacturers actually produced more than the demand and since there are a lot of stocks out there, the items would be cheap.

Now if we think about this, it would be beneficial for us collectors since the item would become cheap. Ah but if we look at the bigger picture, you would notice that your collectible also lost its value the moment you bought it. Some start up and small retails would end up having more stocks than customers so some will be forced to size or close down. Fewer retailers means that other stores can command higher prices since you would end up not having any choice anymore.


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And since most got hurt by the market last year, they will no longer order as much which means only pre-ordered items would be on shelves.

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Another reason is that most of the collectible out there marked as pre-order is cheaper. Yes you would need to pay a small amount even though the item is not yet released, but you’ll get the item anyway. Why pay full price, when you can pay cheaper. Also the time frame for pre-order items are between 1-6 months, this means more time to save your hard-earned money to buy the collectible you really love and not settle for something similar that you really don’t like but bought anyway just because you didn’t pre-order and the item pre-order sold out.

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Ok there are some cases wherein the pre-order demand was just too much for the manufacturer to produce, so the retailers end up cutting customers who actually pre-ordered. Like what happened with the famous Soul of Chogokin Voltes V Chogokin 40th Anniversary Version Reissue. Now imagine if you pre-ordered early, not only would you secure your slot but would also avoid paying 2x the retail price. Ouch!

Soul of Chogokin Voltes V 40th anniversary ver.Soul of Chogokin Voltes V 40th anniversary ver.

I’m not an expert in economics law of supply and demand but I know that if customers pre ordered the collectible, the manufacturers would know just how much to produce. This would mean that the quantity out there would be just enough to preserve the value of our collectible. And since the supply is just enough, the value would actually rise if there are more demand of the item in the future.


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Now if you are like me where I don’t intend to sell my collectibles, rising value would not really matter but it also didn’t hurt not paying the full amount when I bought mine!