ToyConPH 2015

ToyCon PH 2015

After the  dust has settled we are still high from our experience from the last 2015 Philippine ToyCon. We got to meet a lot of people, saw a lot of programs, exclusives, and of course toys! The event was organized by The Asian Comics, Toys, and Hobbies Collective Inc. and if by any chance you were not able to attend, the event was very successful.

ToyConPH 2015


The event was scheduled last Friday to Saturday, June 19-21, 2015 at SM Mega Mall Mega Trade Hall 1-3 so we needed to set up our booth Thursday afternoon up until 10pm. Of course we also needed to do some final touches Friday morning and we arrived at the venue around 7:30 am on Friday. It was very tiring but it was all worth it! Here are some pictures from before the booths are set up.


ToyCon PH 2015ToyCon PH 2015ToyCon PH 2015

Friday morning the gates opened at exactly 10am but people started lining up before we even heard the announcement that the venue is open. Collectors want to get to the goods quickly to avoid shortage of stocks as some items would sell like pancakes during this time specially the exclusive ones and the hot items.


We saw a lot of cosplayers and it was jam packed! There are programs scheduled specially for cosplayers during this time. We also saw Asia’s Cosplay queen Alodia Gosiengfiao. Everywhere you look, you’d be able to see characters come to life from your obscure Anime figures to POP culture Icons. It was a little bit hard to move in and out of the venue and we felt a little bad seeing kids couldn’t move around specially moms and dads with baby strollers. But as soon as Spider-Man,Mikasa Ackerman, or Minions shows up in the flesh, you’d see the kids light up and they would forget that they were crying a minute ago.


You can spot collectors wanting great bargain for their buck ( Who wouldn’t?). You get to see who are the long time collectors during this time. They know what to look for and they find it. You can find all kinds of stuff from hard to find matchbox cars, classic comic books, famous people, and of course great toys!

The program also included some performers. Bands and DJ’s playing original songs to famous Anime sound tracks. IMG_4571

The main focus of ToyCon 2015 is to promote playing with our toys. We all know that before social medias and state of the art technology and video games, we used to go outside, bringing our G.I. Joe’s and He-Man’s to play with our friends. We used to watch cartoons on the weekends and hoping they would show ads for the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles toy series. We would wait on Sunday’s for the Biomen and wonder where we can get the robot toy and gear they use. So open your mint toys and start playing with them… or not. Bottom line toys are meant to be played with, it doesn’t matter how you do it whether you play with them alone, go out and play with friends, or simply take pictures of them as long as we appreciate them for the happiness they bring us from the moment we first encounter them up until today, everything is alright!


Thank you very much to those who dropped by our booth, and all those who came to the ToyCon 2015. We had a blast and hopefully, everyone who came did too.

ToyConPH 2015

– Photos taken by Crazytrain toys except for the last. If you are included in the photo and wish to be removed, please contact us.
– Last Photo Credit: Arigatoys