Pre Order DC Collectibles Shipping Starting December 2014

DC collectibles has been teasing us with a lot of new items that will be available in the country. DC has revealed the line up from TV series action-figures to high end collectible statues. Here are some collectibles to watch out in the coming months up to second quarter of next year:

Batman: Arkham City Full Color Armored Batman Statue


This is actually a Gamestop exclusive item that will be released here. This statue is only limited to 500 pieces worldwide. Perfect for the fans of the game and Batman fans alike.


Batman: Arkham City Full Color Catwoman Statue 

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Another Gamestop exclusive that could pop up here in our country depending on the fans demand. This statue is only limited to 500 pieces worldwide. So reserve early in order to get a slot from retailers. 

Arrow 13”  Statue


Fans of the show will be in for a treat! Check out this Arrow statue that stands at 13″ tall. This collectible is only limited to 5200 pieces worldwide.

Arrow: Arrow 6.75” Action Figure


Another Arrow TV Series treat! This action figure is based on the Arrow TV show’s main character and stands 6.75″ tall.


Arrow: DeathStroke 6.75” Action Figure



Now this is a very cool toy! The Arrow show gave us a different take on the character’s origin and skill sets. Awesome all together, perfect combination with the Arrow 6.75″ Action Figure.


 The Flash (CW) 6.75” Action Figure



Now Barry Allen was brought to life in the 21st century TV and spun off from the show Arrow and this is spot on. If you guys haven’t watched the show yet, you should give it a try. Very cool TV series since Geoff Johns had something to do with the pilot. Perfect for The Flash or the TV show fans alike.


The Art of War – Wonder Woman


Another limited edition statue from DC Collectibles! This statue is based on the artwork of Tony Daniel. It stands 8.5” tall and limited to only 5,200 pieces world wide. Great for all Diana and DC fans out there.


Batman Black & White: Batman


This statue is based on the artwork of Dave Johnson. It stands at 6.8″ tall and also limited to 5200 pieces worldwide. Perfect for all us Batfans out there!

All of the above can now be Pre-Ordered at Crazytrain Toys & Collectibles. Some of the collectibles featured here will have limited production only. That’s why reservation before October 21, 2014 will be the key for guaranteed availability. Don’t miss out on these awesome collectibles.