How To Fix Warped or Bent Figures

As you may have known, we operate a small online store here in the Philippines, and from time to time we get stocks that has a factory defect. Now this is very uncommon and usually when the defects are severe, we could get a replacement easily. But there are times that the factory defect is not actually a defect but a result of handling and storing of the products. Take into consideration the environment from manufacturers to retailers, heat from country to country, dust, travel time, handling and everything in between, there would be products that would be sold with undesired trait. That’s why we encourage customers to inspect the items as soon as they get them.

One problem from figures we have encountered would be the warped parts from PVC figures. Check out this Kotobukiya DC Comics Green Arrow ARTFX+ Statue


He has an awesome pose and the sculpt is really great however for this particular ARTFX+ figure ( for introduction to Kotobukiya Products click here ), his magnetic feet does not fit perfectly with his base. He is very wobbly and would fall down easily whenever he’s bump a little.

Kotobukiya-DC-Comics-Green-Arrow-ARTFX+ Kotobukiya-DC-Comics-Green-Arrow-ARTFX+

We contacted Kotobukiya with the help from our official distributors and we figured that the problem is easily solved with the use of Hair Dryer.

Things needed:

  1. A cheap hair dryer
  2. A flat and steady surface
  3. Guts – this one was the hardest to find when the figure is expensive but I manage to get some after buying the hair dryer.

I wanted to share the steps I tried and hopefully it would work for you too.

1. Use hair dryer to soften up the PVC mold, please don’t heat the figure too much as we don’t want to melt our figure unless you want that desired effect. ( Some use warm water to do this but I haven’t tried that yet ) – Any hair dryer would do, I bought one for ₱300.00 available in our local stores and tiangges.


I heat up the figure about 10-15 seconds. This would depend on the heat produced by your hair dryer. PVC figures heat up easily so don’t over do it.

2. While the plastic is warm, bend the figure a little bit. Remember not to bend too much or your figure will break or will be deformed. I searched for a flat and even surface to do this so that I can get the best possible result.


While holding both feet steady on the ground ( using my ring and thumb ), I used my index finger to push the body slightly so that the figure’s heel would touch the surface floor.

Remember to be very careful. We don’t want ruined figures now do we? Don’t force the parts to bend. If the figure doesn’t bend, try to reheat them again and again. If the figure is already too hot but still does not budge, then maybe the part is too big or dense to bend. In this case, you should stop and look for professional help.

3. After a few tries, I got it right. Not perfect but just right.


Arrow’s heels are now touching the base and does not move when bumped.



Please Note: I’m not an expert in the field and what I did was based from my conversation with people who did and a little online research. I just thought it would be great to share them with new collectors as well. I’m sure there are other possible ways to do this or a more professional approach. So any comments or suggestion is welcome. If ever you did this before, I would be happy to hear them.