Cool Toy Picks: Kotobukiya Marvel Now Deadpool Artfx+ Statue

Cool toys which we think would be a great addition to your collection

Sometimes we’d like to take a closer look at cool toys and collectibles which means we “need” to take them out of the box and inspect ( play with ) them. This time we’d like to feature a very cool product by Kotobukiya namely the Marvel Now Deadpool Artfx+ Statue.


Deadpool stands or crouches at approximately 15 cm as Artfx+ lines usually scales at 1/10th. The statue is a snap fit pre painted figure which means there will be a little bit of work before you can enjoy Deadpool in all his glory. But don’t worry it only takes about 30 seconds to snap him together. There is an instructional manual included in the box but we bet you wont need them.

The box is pretty much standard as the other Marvel Now Kotobukiya products. Packaging is closed but with very cool artwork and a brief history of Deadpool at the back of the package.

Deadpool 3
After opening the box, be sure to check that everything is complete:

  • Head and Body
  • Legs
  • Right Hand
  • Left Arm
  • Two Left Hands
  • 1 Full Katana
  • 1 Half Katana
  • Scabbard
  • Base
  • White Board ( Picket Sign )
  • Black Marker
  • Instructional Manual

As always, the paint job done by Kotobukiya is Awesome! The detail in Deadpool is spot on. I just wish his katana can fit inside the scabbard specially when you want to change the left hand. The small pieces can easily be lost if you’re not careful.  Deadpool (1)
His boots is pretty much basic, but it’s pretty cool how you can see how realistic the wrinkles on his costume and boots are.
Deadpool (2)
He also comes with the standard Kotobukiya magnets at the base of his feet for extra stability when you display him on your stand!
Deadpool (7)
Wow! Deadpool is ripped, look at that abs!
Deadpool (3)

Would have been cool if we can play with his gun as well but it’s alright, Deadpool is much better off using his sword anyway! Deadpool (4)

Deadpool also comes with a picket sign and a black marker which makes him even more fun! You can write and erase as you please. Although I don’t think that’s you Wade!Deadpool (5)

Alternate left hand for deadpool.Deadpool (6)

If you are planning on starting a collection with the Artfx+ line but couldn’t decide which character to choose from, then Deadpool is perfect for you as he is a great  stand alone character. Other Artfx+ line is great on their own as well but you’d get that itch to buy the other figures immediately specially with the Avengers Now and Justice League statues.

Kotobukiya Marvel Now Deadpool Artfx+ Statue is now available at our online store! The retail price is at Php 3,000.00. You can also check out other Kotobukiya retailers by asking the official distributor in the Philippines, Arigatoys. Or check out Kotobukiya Philippines group in facebook.