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Marvel Pulls Plug on X-Men and Fantastic Four License From XM Studio

About a week ago, XM Studios Premium Collectibles showed us using their Official Facebook Page what could have been an epic 1/6 scale XMEN vs Sentinel Diorama set… A little bit more detailed here wherein a bunch of the X-Men is fighting the giant Sentinel! Colossus! Jubilee! Arch Angel! Rogue! Nightcrawler! Gambit! Freaking amazing right? […]

Buggy the Clown BIG-ZOUKEIOU-4-VOL4

Upcoming Banpresto Items for September 2015

Check out some upcoming Banpresto figures out this coming September to October of 2015! Featuring some characters from our beloved series such as Dragon Ball Z, Sailor Moon, One Piece and Kantai Collection Continuing the Sailor Moon Girls Memories series by Banpresto are Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune Girls Memories Figures. They are scheduled to be release by […]

Marvel Rogue Danger Room Sessions Fine Art Statue from Kotobukiya

Marvel Rogue Danger Room Sessions Fine Art Statue from Kotobukiya Rogue – The latest offer from Kotobukiya, makers of quality statues and toys. Real name Anna Marie, she ran away from home and was taken by Mystique and Destiny whom she then considered her surrogate parents.  Became a member of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants until she […]

How to Shop Online at

Crazytrain Toys & Collectibles – How to Order Shop at where you can find a wide selection of your favorite collectible figures! Order now and have the item delivered at your doorstep! Our prefered meetup places are: Monday to Friday: Pacific Star Building Makati 8AM-5PM Glorieta McDonalds Ground Floor/Ayala MRT station Mang Inasal 6PM-8PM […]